Our Management Team

Alison Dean

As the President of HNN Communities, Alison is responsible for running all facets of the business. She has a proven executive management track record and over 20 years of experience building and managing programs, effectively restructuring departments, and overseeing organizational strategic planning. Prior to joining HNN in 2016, where she served as the Director of Operations and Strategy for five years, Alison built a successful career in both for-profit and non-profit industries specializing in system analysis and implementation, budget modeling, improving curriculum, and residential program development. During this time, she refined her leadership skills to successfully motivate others in cross-functional business settings while fostering an effective and dynamic work environment. Alison utilizes her innovative project management skills, as well as analytic and decision-making abilities even in ambiguous situations to achieve results. Alison ensures action and resource requirements are properly aligned to meet company goals, all while inspiring others to achieve them. She leads the participation and development of the organization’s vision, policies, and objectives while providing directives and support to the leadership team. She is well versed in developing and interpreting analytical reports used to measure change and believes in leading by example. Alison actively promotes ethics and compliance policies across the organization, as well as ensuring the team upholds the organization’s mission and values. Alison received a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Bucknell University. She has also earned a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Immaculata University and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Temple University. A former professional ballet dancer, Alison is actively involved with multiple arts-based non-profits in the Seattle region. You can often find her out and about on her boat spending time with her family, husband, and Labradors Bella and Philly, enjoying the beautiful water in and around the PNW.

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John Resha
Chief Operating Officer

ohn came to the northwest from California almost thirty years ago with a dream of raising a family in the same communities where his then in-laws were strawberry farmers before their internment. In 1998, SAFECO Corporation moved John and his family to Redmond, WA to help shape how the corporation interacted with its communities throughout the United States. John's passion for service to the community led him to be elected to Redmond City Council. At the end of 2021, John now wraps up two terms on the Lake Forest Park City Council. John has led non-profit corporations; worked in executive leadership roles in a Fortune 500 corporation and in state, regional, county, and local governments; been a national thought-leader and consultant on land use and transportation matters, broad policies, and all aspects of local government; and led one of the largest transit agencies in the nation through two global financial crises. He is a recognized and respected expert on mobility systems throughout the Puget Sound and presented nationally and internationally on performance management systems. Following his passions, he joined the DevCo family of companies, during the heights of the global pandemic, to help deliver on the critical need for affordable and middle-income housing. When not enjoying time with his wife and four adult children, John can frequently be found flying kites locally and wherever he travels, or deep into a full 90 of the Seattle Sounders.

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Sue Dunn
Chief Financial Officer

Sue is a results driven senior level finance executive with over 25 years of progressive experience in finance and accounting. She has extensive experience in property management, residential homebuilding, commercial development and construction, multifamily housing, construction companies, land development and master planned communities.

Sue is an energetic leader who is passionate about building high performing teams and streamlining business operations in order to drive growth and increase efficiency, resulting in bottom-line profit across the organization. She is committed to building and maintaining strong partnerships and relationships to effectively meet business objectives amidst complex transactions and organizational structures.

Sue received a Bachelor of Arts in Business with an emphasis in Accounting from the University of Puget Sound.

Outside of work, Sue enjoys spending time with friends, cooking, playing golf, and hanging out with her loveable Chocolate Labrador Retrievers.

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Brittany Cristel
Vice President of Property Management

Brittany has over 14 years of diverse multifamily housing and leadership experience. Having joined HNN in 2016, she has held roles in portfolio management, talent acquisition, marketing, and human resources. Throughout her career, Brittany has successfully managed large portfolios consisting of complex assets, including professional project management experience that she acquired while working for a local engineering firm. As the Vice President of Property Management, Brittany effectively implements target strategies with a systematic approach to maximizing performance and profitability. As a strategic executive leader with a proven track record of building and training effective cross-functional teams, she skillfully executes critical business plans and standards around recruitment, asset performance, and organizational strategy. Brittany is adept at developing budgets, forecasts, and analysis to identify areas of opportunity and evaluates risks while aligning with organizational goals. Brittany graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Eastern Washington University, earned a Master of Business Administration from City University of Seattle, and obtained a Talent Acquisition and Planning Certificate from Cornell University. Outside of the office, Brittany enjoys spending quality time with her daughter and fiancé. Her passions include traveling and exploring the scenic Pacific Northwest with friends and family.

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Sonal Collins
HR Director

Sonal has over 20 years of Human Resources experience covering the full employment life cycle. Prior to joining HNN, she held senior-level HR roles in the marine transportation and real estate management/development industries. Serving many years in the role of ‘HR Department of One’ has provided her the opportunity to excel in all areas of HR including recruiting, onboarding, training and development, employee relations, performance management, worker’s compensation, benefits, and safety. In addition to the extensive experience in Human Resources, Sonal has an Executive MBA from the University of Washington. In her free time, Sonal volunteers for non-profit animal rescue organizations and has provided foster homes and placement services to many dogs in need. In most recent years, along with her husband and daughter, they take in final refuge dogs and provide them with comfort and care in their senior years.

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Rosa Almeida, HCCP
Director of Compliance

Rosa has over 22 years of dedicated property management experience and seven years of progressive tax credit experience. Rosa joined HNN in 2011 and is responsible for all aspects of compliance evaluation, monitoring and reporting. As the Director of Compliance, she assures compliance with applicable affordable housing programs for over 6,500 units throughout the portfolio, including but not limited to, Low Income Housing Tax Credit and HUD.

Rosa is a compassionate and dynamic leader that oversees HNN’s remarkable compliance team, both onsite and at the corporate level. As a team, they are responsible for the daily review of resident move-ins, as well as annual and interim certifications. Rosa makes continuing education and training for her team a top priority to ensure they stay current on all changes of affordable housing regulations. Additionally, Rosa tracks multiple complex programs related to affordable housing, prepares and reviews monthly and annual compliance reports and submits all audit responses to outside agencies.

Rosa holds several industry credentials including a Specialist in Housing Credit Management (SHCM), Housing Credit Certified Professional (HCCP), Certified Occupant Specialist (COS) and Novagradac Property Compliance Certification (NPCC).

Rosa enjoys spending time with her family, listening to music, and traveling.

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Theresa Hurley

Theresa has over 25 years of professional accounting experience throughout her accomplished career. As the Controller, Theresa guides complex financial decisions by establishing, monitoring and enforcing company policies and procedures. She has an intrinsic, analytical ability to continually develop and implement improvements to all HNN accounting processes. Theresa has a profound understanding of economic principles, financial data analysis and reporting. She leads the accounting team with a strong commitment to integrity and expertly interfaces with outside financial institutions.

Prior to joining HNN in 2013, Theresa was a property accountant for a large, reputable management firm. There, she managed all facets of accounting for 30 affordable housing projects and worked collectively with over a dozen industry leaders. With 13 years of progressive accounting experience in the property management field, Theresa is exceptionally skilled at using Yardi, e-Site/AMSI and Boston Post software. Her areas of strength include supervisory duties, financial statements, general ledger, cash management, payroll, accounts receivable and bank reconciliations.

In her free time, Theresa enjoys spending time kayaking, hiking and other outdoor activities. You can often find her reading a book and spending time with her family.

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Owen Fleming
Maintenance & Capital Projects Manager

Owen has more than 23 years of multifamily housing experience with diverse projects including new construction, acquisitions, dispositions and extensive asset rehabilitation and renovation. He is a knowledgeable leader in all facets of residential and commercial building including construction management, environmental oversight and project supervision. Owen is also well versed in business risk mitigation and operational functions involving budgeting, contract negotiation, bid analysis, vendor management, code compliance, and workplace safety.

Owen was awarded Maintenance Supervisor of the Year in 2002 by For Rent Magazine, holds a CAMT +E designation and an 07B electrical license.

In his free time, Owen enjoys the company of his family, watching science fiction, exploring historic homes and buildings, and antique hunting with his fiancé.

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Caitlin Groves
Director of Operations & Strategy

Caitlin has 14 years of multifamily housing experience, extending to roles in leasing and sales, facilities management, operations, portfolio management, and IT. Prior to moving into a Director role, Caitlin worked as an Operations Manager and District Manager at HNN. As the Director of Operations & Strategy, Caitlin is a dynamic leader focused on leveraging technology and systems to streamline internal and external processes. She received her Project Management certification through UW in 2021 and is excited to implement formal project management for the company. Caitlin collaborates with team members to promote communication and critical analysis when problem solving. Outside of work, Caitlin enjoys cooking, camping, and being by, in, and around all bodies of water. Outside of work, Caitlin enjoys cooking and being pestered by her cats. She enjoys camping and being by, in and around all bodies of water.

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Heidi Anderson
Director of Community Engagement & Partnership

Heidi has spent much of her career in the higher education sector and transitioned to HNN four years ago to focus on resident relations and community engagement. She identifies and develops partnerships with key community leaders and local organizations to enhance the lives of our residents. Heidi effectively works with community partners to create equitable housing solutions with a strong commitment to social and fiscal responsibility, and makes our tagline, “life is better here” a reality for our valued residents.

Heidi received a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Point Loma University, a Master of Arts in Non-Profit Management from City University, and a PhD in Social and Community Services from Capella University. She has also earned a Certification in Trauma and Resilience Training from Florida State University and a Dispute Resolution Certification from King County Dispute Resolution Center.

Heidi enjoys spending time with friends and family, kayaking, and reading a good book.

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Ashley Souto
Marketing Manager

Ashley has over 20 years of multifamily housing experience in conventional and affordable housing, HOA, and condo conversion settings. She has held successful roles in leasing, sales, training, and marketing.

As the Marketing Manager, Ashley establishes successful business relationships with customers to improve and develop effective marketing campaigns, leveraging social media and technology. She resourcefully utilizes her graphic design skills to create compelling and inspiring visuals to communicate with internal and external customers. Ashley conceptualizes and implements valuable, results-driven marketing programs with strategic customer engagement through reputation management, SEO, online advertising and social media.

Ashley received a degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and has an educational background in architecture.

Outside of the office, Ashley enjoys spending her time with her husband and daughter and taking her two Labradors to the beach. Some of her passions include painting, crafting and spending rainy weekends curled up on the couch with a hot cup of tea and a good book.

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Mark Nold
IT Manager

Raised in San Francisco, Mark relocated to the Pacific Northwest 25 years ago, from one tech hub to another, and began making his way in the IT world. After more than two decades in the travel and tourism industry in Downtown Seattle, Mark joins HNN with the desire to make a greater impact, from behind the scenes, supporting families who are in need of affordable housing options. Given his passion for tech and his career-long experience in IT, Mark brings insight and intelligence to projects, processes, and people management. He is naturally curious and looks to be up to date on the latest in tech trends and tools. He has served on many boards and user groups, effecting change and providing invaluable input and guidance around user experiences and product development. His desire to provide the highest level of customer service drives him to develop his team with an aligned mindset. When not working, Mark enjoys time with his wife and 7 kids – from dance competitions to football games, there is never a dull moment in the Nold House! And, as an SF native, he will always be a 49ers fan, no matter how long he lives in the PNW.

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Vilma Resurreccion
Accounts Payable Manager

Vilma has over 16 years of experience in the property management industry and extensive experience in accounts payable. As the Accounts Payable Manager, she oversees all activities within the department and provides continuous support to the accounting department. Vilma is a multitasker with strong analytical and problem-solving skills. She has impeccable attention to detail and works collaboratively to produce superior results.

Vilma received a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from the University of Guam.

Outside of work, Vilma enjoys spending quality time with her family and fruit picking with her siblings.

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Tara Majerus
Collections and Move Out Manager

Tara has over 20 years of experience in the accounting field, ranging from accounts receivable to collections management. As the Collections and Move Out Manager, Tara successfully oversees the development and implementation of systems to effectively monitor and measure related business processes. She provides valuable training related to move out processing and communicates with residents to establish payment plans. Tara consistently applies her professional knowledge and skills to support organizational objectives and upholds the company’s core values.

Tara enjoys spending time with her husband, three sons, and four grandchildren. Her passions include riding her motorcycle, traveling, exploring, cooking, and baking.

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Jody Hunter
Compliance Manager

Jody has over 17 years of multifamily housing experience, including 15 years focused on Section 42 Tax Credit housing. She is highly proficient at analyzing, researching, and collaborating with others to overcome complex problems and achieve top results. Jody relies on her extensive knowledge of the tax credit program to effectively lead the Compliance Department’s robust training program. She displays a strong personal commitment to success and the company’s mission.

Jody holds several industry credentials including a Specialist in Housing Credit Management (SHCM), Housing Credit Certified Professional (HCCP), and Novagradac Property Compliance Certification (NPCC).

Jody enjoys camping and spending time with friends and family.

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Kim King
Payroll & Benefits Manager

Kim has over 15 years of dedicated HR and payroll experience, including the management of various time and attendance systems and certified payroll for government contracts. Kim has extensive knowledge of business payroll functions including preparation, balancing, internal control, regulations and requirement, and payroll taxes. As the Payroll & Benefits Manager, Kim administers payroll and benefits for all employees of HNN Communities and their affiliates and implements quality assurance procedures across the organization. She effectively advises employees on insurance eligibility and works diligently to resolve employee issues related to payroll and benefits.

Away from work, Kim enjoys spending time with family, spoiling her grandson, and traveling to sunny places.

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Lindsey Bauer
Property Accounting Manager

Lindsey has over 14 years of professional accounting experience in the affordable housing industry. She excels in areas of complex financial data analysis and reporting. Lindsey is also exceptionally skilled at using Yardi Systems software.

As the Company’s Property Accounting Manager, Lindsey effectively leads her outstanding team of Property Accountants by applying her expertise and critical problem-solving skills to achieve successful results. Lindsey continuously holds herself and others to be accountable, respectful, inclusive, bold, better, and to work as one team.

Outside of the office, Lindsey enjoys spending time with her family and friends, cooking, baking, and attending Seattle Sounders games.

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Carrie Distler
Training Manager

Carrie has over 14 years of dynamic experience in corporate training and program development. She coordinates end-to-end talent development solutions including all stages of assessment, research, process improvement, sourcing, designing, and implementation. Carrie is an innovative leader with a proven track record of creating engaging and effective training programs across a wide array of delivery platforms. She is also highly skilled in managing large-scale trainings that seamlessly align with organizational objectives.

Carrie received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology with an emphasis in Social Work from McKendree University and a Master of Business Administration from McKendree University.

On the weekends, you can find Carrie and her dog, Gracie out exploring everything the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Her passions include traveling, cooking, and anything to do with being around or on the water.

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Stefanie Rice
Portfolio Manager

Stefanie has over 19 years of property management experience with 14 years dedicated to Tax Credit and HUD housing.?She has extensive experience overseeing complex portfolios of assets including new developments and mixed-use communities. As an innovative leader, Stefanie places significant emphasis on cultivating culture and building thriving teams.?As a self-motivating professional with a high level of positive energy, Stefanie is quick to overcome challenges and resolve conflict.

Stefanie was awarded Community Manager of the Year in 2009 by WMFHA and holds a CAM and CAPS designation.

Outside of work, Stefanie enjoys watching her son and daughter play baseball and softball. Any chance she gets, you will find her out camping with her friends and family in the great Pacific Northwest.

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Stephanie Edmonds
Portfolio Manager

Stephanie has over 23 years of diverse multifamily housing experience spanning across both market-rate and affordable housing. She invests her time and efforts to achieve company objectives, market positioning, and asset quality. Stephanie leads by example and promotes effective communication, gratitude, and strategic thinking to build successful teams. Through logical and inclusive decision making, Stephanie has become a respected and inspirational leader within the organization.

Stephanie enjoys spending quality time with her family, especially at the ocean or camping off the grid.

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Sabrin Kassem
Portfolio Manager

Sabrin has over 12 years of affordable housing experience and effectively works with stakeholders to develop sustainable goals to maximize revenue while controlling expenses and resident turnover. As a dynamic leader, she enhances the portfolio’s operational performance by leveraging her strengths including revenue management, resident retention, marketing strategies, and successfully coaching high-performing teams. Sabrin quickly adapts to changing demands and takes pride in creating an inclusive team environment.

Sabrin holds a CAM and SHCM designation.

Out of the office, Sabrin spends her time with family and making new traditions with her husband and son. She also enjoys hosting get-togethers and volunteering in her community.

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Michelle Rautenberg
Portfolio Manager

Michelle has over 26 years of diverse affordable housing experience and has been with HNN for over 15 years, successfully building relationships with agencies and team members. She provides continuous leadership support to her teams and possesses a high level of emotional intelligence to positively influence and motivates others. As a District Manager, Michelle successfully manages community business plans, competing for investment objectives, and strategic financial goals.

Michelle was awarded Affordable Manager of the Year in 2020 by WMFHA and holds a CAM designation.

Outside the office, Michelle enjoys spending quality time with her family at the ocean. Her passions include crafting, scrapbooking, beading, and sewing. Michelle also regularly volunteers to support fundraising efforts for cancer and Alzheimer's research.

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Debra Ragland
Portfolio Manager

Debra has over 22 years of property management experience in both market-rate and tax credit housing. Her hands-on management style has led to the successful operations of residential communities ranging from 30 to 400 units. Debra strives to exceeded standards of customer service and satisfaction using sound judgment and effective de-escalation skills. She motivates, engages, and coaches her teams to foster continuous employee growth and development. Debra excels in supporting the company’s marketing strategies and maximizes the use of technology to enhance prospect engagement and profitability.

Debra received a Paralegal Degree from the Stratford Career Institute and holds a CAM designation.

Outside of work, Debra enjoys spending time with her family and friends as well as reading, self-care, and Eastern medicine.

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Ashley Frazier
Regional Maintenance Supervisor

Ashley has over 26 years of property management experience, including new construction, commercial management, and asset rehabilitation. With over 14 years of building a successful career at HNN, Ashley works closely with the portfolio management team to provide guidance and oversight of the community’s maintenance and capital improvement projects. In his dynamic role, Ashley is responsible for all aspects of the Company’s maintenance program including vendor management and contract administration.

Ashley was awarded Maintenance Supervisor of the Year in 2009 by For Rent Magazine and holds an 07B electrical license.

Outside of work, Ashley enjoys the great outdoors including boating, fishing, hiking, and exploring the Pacific Northwest. He also enjoys spending time with family, traveling, and football season.

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Steve Jones
Regional Maintenance Supervisor

Steve has over 17 years of multifamily housing experience, spanning across a multitude of diverse maintenance operations. Steve started out his career as a Porter and quickly worked his way up to becoming a Maintenance Supervisor. As a Maintenance Supervisor with HNN, Steve was tasked with overseeing two successful lease-up communities, before joining the Regional Maintenance Team.

As a Regional Maintenance Supervisor, Steve oversees the portfolio’s capital improvement projects and quality assurance program. He places a high priority on employee safety and team building, continuously striving for the success and growth of all team members.

Steve received a Bachelor of Science in Pastoral Studies from Baptist Bible College. He also holds a CAMT designation and Type I and Type II EPA certifications.

Steve values family and faith and enjoys being outdoors. He also enjoys sci-fi, historical documentaries, and telling and hearing great stories.

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